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Window treatments are a must with any space, but sometimes they look just a bit unfinished, even with the best options. Enter valances. Used to create the perfect stylish finishing touch on top of curtains, blinds, or shades of any type, a number of different valance styles to help enhance any space. What options do you have to consider as you find the right window valance to add to your space? 

What Is a Valance?

If you’re not familiar with this window treatment piece, you may wonder more about exactly what defines a valance and why you’d want one at all. Valances are like a short version of drapes. In this case, they’re a panel that sits just at the top of the window. You typically use a drapery rod to install them. They can be quite helpful because they not only offer a finishing touch to a window, but they can also hide the hardware at the top of your other window treatments and offer a neat, tidy look.

A Few Valance Options 

There are many different types of valances available today. Take a look at a few of the choices you could consider. 

  • Straight Gathered Valance: Easily the most recognizable type of valance, this is simply a rectangular piece of fabric that has a pocket for the rod in the top. Often these look fairly long out of the package because once installed on the rod, they’re bunched together to create the gathered look you want. 
  • Shaped Valances: Rectangular valances look amazing in many spaces, but when you need to add a bit more style, you may want to consider a shaped valance. Here, instead of a straight line at the bottom, you might find scallops, curves, or even waves. Typically this kind of valance has a larger rod pocket to help finish off the shape. 
  • Swag Valances: Some valances present a singular image. Others drape and swoop with unique twists and turns, and it’s these valances that tend to make the biggest statement in a room. Called a swag valance, these deep pieces of pleated fabric fall dramatically across parts of the curtain rod creating a waterfall-type feel that is pronounced in a room. There are many options here too from victory swags that include shallow swoops to empire swags that are carefully framed on each side, a swag style gives you lots of different options. 
  • Scarf Valances: If you’re looking for elegance, you’ll find it with scarf valances. It offers a dramatic draping effect with a slight curve at the top and flowing ends on either side of the window. These tend to be sheer, but you can work with richer, thicker fabrics if it matches your space. 
  • Balloon Valances: Going for the drama? A balloon valance is an ideal touch. These tend to be constructed from fairly light fabrics, and they help to fill out your window. It has distinct puffs that move away from the window to create a balloon effect in the fabric. 

Which valance is right for your space? Let us help you make that choice. With free in-home consultation and lots of custom window valances available, we’re here to help you select the ideal valance. Give us a call today. 

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