Add to Your Kitchen with Cute Café Curtains


Searching for the perfect window treatment for your kitchen? More and more, professional designers are turning to café curtains, and for good reason. They offer an amazing, special touch to that space and provide a number of other benefits you’ll discover the moment they’re installed. Why should you explore café curtains for your space? Take a look.

What are Café Curtains?

Café curtains are hung about halfway up the window. They take their name from the roadside cafes of the past, and while today the height of the curtain is completely up to you, the goal with this style is to create a clear, natural dividing line between the curtain and the valance. Café curtains come in a number of different options including sheer and heavier fabrics, and you can choose from both lined and unlined styles. You choose the head construction from pinch pleats to tab top curtains. 

The Benefits of Café Curtains

Not sure why you might want this style for your kitchen window curtains? They’re one of the most versatile options available. They not only give you the privacy you might want in your kitchen, but they also provide an excellent source of natural light. They soften the light coming in and help enhance the beauty of the window itself. They also offer you a closer view of the outside world without letting everyone see into your house. In fact, they’re a distinctive choice that makes sense in almost any space outside of the kitchen like your home office, your dining room, or even a creative space like a reading nook. In fact, any space where added natural light would be a huge plus is the right space for café curtains. 

At Gallery of Shades, we offer a number of unique café curtains to meet your stylistic needs. Learn more when you contact us today.  

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