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Common Mistakes When Choosing Window Treatments

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The time has come to invest in new window treatments for your home. But what type of Scottsdale window coverings should you choose for your home? There are so many different types of window treatments and each one has different benefits. There are a lot of factors to consider and it is easy to get [...]

Update Your Worn Shades This Year

Update Your Worn Shades This Year

Face it, it’s time for a change! If you’ve been stuck inside your home for too long, you’re bound to start noticing the little things that have been around for ages. You’re probably ready to get rid of a couple things- those rugs that are looking a little too beaten, the half-dozen mugs with chipped [...]

In-Home Design for the Perfect Custom Window Coverings

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Every year, Gallery of Shades meets with hundreds of clients to develop custom window treatments. Scottsdale is home to quite a bit of our work, but you may be wondering why people would go with custom window coverings over the off-the-shelf choice. In Scottsdale, window treatments really matter. The bright throughout the year can damage [...]

The Many Benefits of Custom Window Treatments

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It’s unfortunate, but often window treatments of any type are an afterthought to the room. Many people will update almost every part of a room, but ignore the window treatments. New custom window treatments, though, can do so much for a space. They can give it the perfect pop it needs, and offer you benefits [...]

Know Your Window Treatment Terminology Before Shopping

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You are starting to think about the spring season, and you want to remodel your window treatments.  Do you know all there is to know about window treatments?  Do you know how many options are available to you?  Before you start your search in earnest, make sure you are on the same page as the [...]

In Home Design Consultation Can Help Your Decision Process

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What better way to choose Scottsdale window treatments than to have the display showroom brought directly to your home?  It’s a chance see for yourself, right in your own home, which colors, material types, and designs will enrich your home’s aesthetic appeal and functionality the best.  An in-home design consultation can help point out various [...]

Choosing the Best Custom Window Treatments for Your Home

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Custom window treatments are just as personal as the clothes you wear or your accessories. Deciding which window treatments to use will undoubtedly vary from room to room and depend on a variety of factors including climate, location, and priorities such as aesthetics and functionality. Before deciding on blinds, shades, shutters, drapes, etc. consider the following [...]

3 Different Custom Window Treatment Design Ideas

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When it comes to decorating a room we often think of furniture and flooring but it’s also important to consider the custom window treatment design as it finishes off the look.  When choosing your window treatment it’s always best to choose custom window treatment designs instead of manufactured coverings because they will fit much better. [...]

Roman Shades: A World of Possibilities

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Window treatments are as important to a room as the furnishings and decor. Roman shades provide functionality, ease of use, and add beauty to any room. The design of roman shades allows them to be made to fit all sizes of windows including those that may be hard to fit like narrow windows or large [...]