Roman Shades: A World of Possibilities

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Window treatments are as important to a room as the furnishings and decor. Roman shades provide functionality, ease of use, and add beauty to any room. The design of roman shades allows them to be made to fit all sizes of windows including those that may be hard to fit like narrow windows or large picture windows. They can offer protection from bright UV rays as well as increase energy efficiency by absorbing cold in the winter and heat in the summer. There are two types of roman shades, Soft and Vignette Modern Roman. Choosing the right roman shade can enhance and perfect any room in your home.

Modern Roman shades have crisp folds and can be raised or lowered without the use of cords. They are a fresh update to traditional roman shades and can be had in a variety of colors and patterns that come in sheer or opaque fabrics. Care and cleaning is as easy as dusting with a feather duster or lightly vacuuming for heavier dust. If you are looking to add a contemporary no fuss look in any house the Modern Roman Shade is a perfect choice.

Soft Roman shades are a great alternative to heavy drapes. They are made from lightweight fabric and attractively drape from the middle to edge to give an elegant appearance to any room. Soft Romans can be lowered or raised with the use of a cord and come in a large variety of attractive and lush fabrics. These shades can also be made from natural fibers like bamboo or reed. As with modern roman shades dusting or vacuuming soft Romans is the recommended way to keep your shades looking their best.

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