The Many Benefits of Custom Window Treatments

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It’s unfortunate, but often window treatments of any type are an afterthought to the room. Many people will update almost every part of a room, but ignore the window treatments. New custom window treatments, though, can do so much for a space. They can give it the perfect pop it needs, and offer you benefits you hadn’t even considered. Wondering what those benefits are? Take a look.

  • Your window treatments will finally match your decor. Even if you haven’t updated your decor since you installed the initial window treatments, there’s a good chance they don’t match anymore. Wondering why? The sun’s rays break window treatments down over time, and that means that the perfect blue you chose fifteen years ago is no longer the color you once thought it was, and that translates to time for an update! Custom window treatments can help.
  • You’ll find added privacy. When was the last time you shopped for window treatments? Plastic vertical blinds and other outdated options don’t always come with a lot of privacy, but some of today’s hottest trends in window treatments certainly do. Neutral roller shades that will silently disappear behind the valance with a touch of a button will do a lot of your privacy.
  • You can protect your investment(s). Your home is your biggest investment, but the chances are good you spent quite a bit on your furniture and your flooring too. If you’re not routinely protecting those two things from the sun, you may have wasted your money. Over time, the sun’s rays shining in through that window again and again will fade your furniture and hurt your flooring, but the right window treatments can protect them.
  • Your children will be safer. Window treatments with exposed cords are a strangulation hazard for small children. They can also be a strangulation hazard for your pets as well. The best way to protect them is to select cordless window treatments.
  • Create temperature control. If you’re hot in the summer but cold in the winter, your chosen window treatments could have something to do with the problem. With the right new window treatments, though, you could lower your heating and cooling bill and make each room comfortable once more.

Ready for new window treatments? Contact Gallery of Shades today, and we’ll come up with the perfect Scottsdale window treatments to meet your needs.

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