Know Your Window Treatment Terminology Before Shopping

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You are starting to think about the spring season, and you want to remodel your window treatments.  Do you know all there is to know about window treatments?  Do you know how many options are available to you?  Before you start your search in earnest, make sure you are on the same page as the professionals with whom you may be consulting about possibilities.  Let’s take a look at some of the important window treatment terminology to know when shopping for window treatments.

What is the Difference Between a Curtain and Draperies?

Draperies are made of heavier fabric than what is used for curtains.  They can be lined to aid with insulation or the blocking of light into a room.  Common materials for draperies are chenille, brocade, suede, damask, velvet, and boucle.  They are often pleated or tailored, reaching from ceiling to floor, providing a more formal look.  They are most often seen in a master bedroom, a formal dining room, or a living room.  They can be either stationary or mobile.  Be mindful not to refer to them as a “drape”; they are draperies.  A “drape” is the way fabric hangs from a window.

Curtains, on the other hand, are not lined and are typically stationary only.  They are normally made of a lightweight fabric and almost always are seen with tie-backs or holdbacks.  Kitchens and bathrooms are popular places for the use of curtains.

Blinds and Shades

Blinds are window treatments composed of vertical or horizontal slats, held in place by a cord, fabric tape, or a string.  They are typically made of wood, plastic, or metal, although some can also be made using a heavy fabric.

Shades are plentiful and include roller shades and pleated shades.  The term can also be applied to blinds.  Shades are virtually any window treatment that is used to cover, partially or fully, a window to protect against the outside elements and/or to gain privacy for a room.

Remember, when making your selections, it’s best to view your choices visually.  Gallery of Shades will bring our showroom to your home to enable you to actually see what different choices of window treatments would look like in your home.

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