Benefits of Automated Window Treatments

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Remote control window treatments used to be thought of as a luxury, but now they are here and readily available to nearly everyone.  The benefits of automated window treatments are many, including convenience, safety and privacy, protection, and energy efficiency.  There’s really no reason not to have remote control window treatments in your home.


With the push of a single button, you can have control of all the window coverings in one room.  If you are resting and relaxing and really want the window coverings in the room to change position, you no longer need to get up to do it – change them at will with motorized window treatments.  If you are watching a movie and the sun goes down, or rises, at your fingertips you have the controls of automatic window treatments to change the lighting in the room.


While everyone knows being outside in the sun unprotected can be dangerous for untreated skin, few people realize that sun damage can also be sustained inside.  The possibilities for damage extend not only to people, especially small children, and pets, but the sun can damage home furnishings, too.  With motorization comes the ability to go cordless, which leaves less dangling for children or pets to potentially get tangled in.  At the touch of a button, you can also choose complete privacy when you shut off those outside from inside views.


Another great benefit of remote control window treatments is the ability to present your home as if you were still there when you’re away on a vacation.  You can schedule when your automatic window treatments raise and lower to indicate to potential intruders that someone is, indeed, at home.  When you are able to operate your window treatments by remote control, even for a night out or a weekend away, no one will be the wiser.


Energy efficiency and sustainability for the Earth’s environment is also a very important and hot topic these days.  Remote control window treatments optimize functionality and maximize energy efficiency at the same time.  Automatic window treatments also bring more value to your home, thereby increasing profitability when you decide to sell your home.

There are several reasons to explore the many benefits of automated window treatments.  Call Gallery of Shades to discuss custom window treatment options today.

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