New High-Tech Motorized Shades for Your Window Treatments

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Window treatments have gone high-tech, along with just about everything else these days, so why not take advantage of all the new technology you can?  Gallery of Shades offers Hunter Douglas motorized shades for your window treatments.  Recipient of the Red Dot Design Award, PowerView® Motorized shades and blinds can simplify your life.

With motorization that allows you to adjust your window treatments with the mere touch of a finger, you have more control than ever before over opening, closing, and adjusting your shades or blinds throughout the day or night to just the right place you need them to be.  This technology can allow your home another degree of energy efficiency.

The PowerView 

You can download the PowerView App for Apple® or Android™ devices.  Besides just swiping your finger to adjust your window treatments, you can also create customized maneuvers that can be automated to set positions throughout the day.  You know how much sunlight a room gets through the windows in that room.  You also know the basic purpose for which that room is used and, now, you can adjust the lighting in the room to your desired setting.  You can even schedule customized settings, or “Scenes,” to coincide with the daily sunrise or sunset.


You can also use the PowerView system of motorization for shades or blinds with a Pebble Remote Control, if you wish.  The Pebble Remote Control is a new generation remote control, whereby you can preset up to six different groups of window treatments to operate at your command.  It is ergonomically designed and available in a wide array of colors to coordinate with the décor of any room.

The Pebble Scene Controller lets you operate pre-programmed “Scenes” whenever you wish.  Once your settings are as desired and you have configured them how you want your motorized shades and blinds to operate, you can control and schedule them through use of the PowerView App.  Voice commands from Amazon devices will also work.  As well, expect another innovative achievement to come along soon:the Apple Homekit™.

Take control of the window treatments in your home through use of new high-tech developments, such as motorized shades and blinds. Contact Gallery of Shades today to learn more.

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