Bay Window Coverings Are an Excellent Enhancement for Your Home

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Bay windows are beautiful features that let extra light in and add to the sitting space in a room. They’re great places to relax, and they’re one of those few features that makes a room feel more refined and informal at the same time. It can be difficult to find just the right look in window treatments for bay windows. With or without a window seat, what are the best bay window coverings? Which add luxury rather than taking it away?

Silk Panels

Silk panels are classic window treatments for bay windows that never go out of style. When used for bay windows, they can help accentuate the space the windows create. They’re also ideal for framing the light and the view you see out those windows. Neutral or metallic tones (golds, silvers) are ideal for bringing out the light. Classic silk designs can also be remarkably attractive.

Bay Window Valance

Valances are an option that are very clean in form. By following the shape of the window closely, they can bring out the form of bay windows. Bold colors can set off the light well. By covering the top of the windows, they create a more horizontal feature out of your bay windows. Our vision has more horizontal than vertical perception, so this can actually make a space feel even larger.

Of course, they won’t cover the entire window, and you may still wish to use drapery panels as well.

Roman Shades

Shades for each section of the bay window are ideal for adjusting exactly the amount of light you want to let in. These bay window coverings also segment the space in an attractive way. You may choose to have just the roman shades or you can add drapery panels to frame them.

Wood Blinds

These can be very attractive window treatments for bay windows. Lean toward larger blinds. You can use separate blinds for each section of the window but consider broad blinds with hinged elbows. This allows you to control all the blinds with a single mechanism. It’s a cleaner, more sophisticated look. It is better used for bay windows that are more decorative than functional.

For a bay window that you’ll be sitting at or adjusting often, panels, valances, or shades are more functional and less intrusive. Contact Gallery of Shades today for more information on our offerings and to schedule a free in-home design consultation.

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