The Power of Motorized Honeycomb Shades

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Honeycomb shades, also known as Duette shades by Hunter Douglas, are a great way to control the amount of light in a room, but they go farther than that. They’re more environmentally friendly than traditional blinds and can help save energy costs. The secret is in the shape. Wondering why the honeycomb shape provides better, more efficient shades? Take a look at the beauty of Duette honeycomb shades and motorized honeycomb shades:

How the Honeycomb Works

Regular shades are useful, but can become frustrating to control. They don’t necessarily allow you to finely control the light in a room the way you want. Honeycomb shades are made of unique shapes where each fold “honeycombs” in and out.  Each honeycomb maintains a pocket of air that helps insulate your home. They also have light control options. These options allow you to make the shade itself more sheer or more opaque.

Finer Control Makes More Comfortable Living

This combination of elements in the best honeycomb shades allow you to finely control how far the shade extends up or down a window. A shade can come from the top down, bottom up, or rest squarely in between. This is perfect for blocking out direct sunlight but still allowing indirect sunlight. Additionally controlling for opacity allows you to finely modify the amount of light in a room so that it’s perfect.

How to Automate Shade Coverage

The Hunter Douglas PowerView honeycomb shades are the best to look at if you might buy honeycomb shades. Power honeycomb shades even allow you to preset different factors on your phone. Your shades can travel with the sun all day. This can help prolong the lifespan of furniture and floors by blocking the direct sunlight that causes sun damage over time – but still allowing the indirect light that makes a room feel bright and comfortable. The shades can also darken as you drift off to sleep, gently turning the outside light down over time.

By blocking out light in this specific a way, you can also reduce energy bills. The sun’s worst can be blocked from your home throughout the day, increasing the efficiency of air conditioning by protecting your interior from absorbing the sun’s warm rays. You’ll also get a kick out of noticing how they move to block the most intense light across the day. Combine this with the insulating properties of the honeycomb air pockets and you can waste much less on energy costs.

Irregular Windows

Because of their honeycomb structure, Hunter Douglas PowerView motorized honeycomb shades aka Duette shades are also ideal for irregularly shaped windows. Some homes have unique window shapes that are angular. The best honeycomb shades can perfectly fit a window where one side of the window is smaller or larger than the other. Power honeycomb shades can also handle windows like these.

To buy either motorized honeycomb shades or regular honeycomb shades in Scottsdale, contact with Gallery of Shades about the best choices for your home. It’s about time shades adjusted themselves whether you’re there or not, so that you don’t have to worry about wasted energy and sun damage to your furniture and floors.

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