Maintain Your View with Custom UV Solar Shades!

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Custom UV solar shades are a great way to cool your Scottsdale home and protect it from the harsh Arizona sun. Solar shades offer a modern look that can enhance any decor.

Which Solar Shades Are Right For Me?

Custom solar shades come in a variety of fabrics and styles. If you’re looking to preserve your view, choose a dark solid color. That will allow your view to show through during the day. A lighter shade will offer more sun protection. If you’re not as concerned with a view, then choose from a variety of patterns that can enhance your decor.


Solar shades tend to fit more into a contemporary or modern home. Their flat, sleek design offer a minimalist style with maximum functionality. Patterned or solid colors can enhance your modern decor, but consider the statement you’re trying to make when choosing your shade. The roller top helps them virtually disappear when all the way open. Solar shades go great under a valance or other window frame since they lay flat and roll up easily.

Where Do Custom Solar Shades Work Well?

Solar shades are a great window treatment solution for nearly any room in the house. Since they offer sun protection and the ability to be transparent, they are particularity suited for sun rooms and other large windows. Maintain the light and open feel of your bright room while helping to keep the temperature down in the warmer Scottsdale months. Since these shades filter light, rather than block it, they aren’t ideal for bedrooms that require lots of darkness.

When looking to enhance the beauty of your home while creating a comfortable living environment, custom UV solar shades are a great choice. With the wide selection of colors and patterns available, there’s something to please the most discerning homeowner.

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