Roman Shades – The Ultimate in Practicality

Have you struggled to find a balance between the simple practicality of window blinds and the sophistication of drapery? Do you need some shelter from outside light but still want a comforting glow? Meet your new best friend: Roman shades.

Roman shades are the chameleons of the window treatment world. They can be casual enough for a college dorm room and yet elegant enough for a Manhattan penthouse. Like window blinds, they are easily adjusted with the pull of a string. Whether you’d like to let the sun shine in or enjoy your privacy—or even a little of both—Roman shades have got you covered.

Roman shades have come a long way since their origins as retractable fabric awnings used to shade spectators at the Coliseum. Though often seen on a series of narrow windows, where they fit more neatly than other styles might, they are available in widths and lengths to suit any need.

In addition to the traditional flat Roman shade, a relaxed or “soft” Roman shade is now an option. The soft Roman shade swoops gently from middle to edge with a rich draped appearance.

Patterned fabrics and bright color choices have helped to bring the Roman shade into the twenty-first century. The popular trellis design or a whimsical print of birds, bicycles, or palm fronds transforms the Roman shade from a simple window covering into a cutting edge décor piece. Instead of blending into the background, it can complement the room, picking up hues from the wall colors, rugs, or furniture.

If you prefer a more neutral look, or want to bring elements of the outside world in, Roman shades come in tan and ivory natural fibers, as well as bamboo, reed, and sisal. For a versatile and attractive window treatment, Roman shades are simply the best.

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