Custom Drapery – When One-Size-Fits-All Just Doesn’t Cut It

Each home has a personality. Maybe yours is romantic, elegant, a little old fashioned. Perhaps it’s sleek and modern or comfortable and eclectic. No matter what best describes your personal style or how you choose to express it, you’ll need the right custom drapery to make your unique look stand out.

Is the set of a 1960s television show your happy place? Do you feel most comfortable when surrounded by earth tones? Do you relish just a hint of kitsch? If so, look for inspiration in mid-century modern décor, a style that has regained popularity in a big way lately. Consider whether you want to keep the look authentic with heavy, flat draperies in neutral tones, or add your own playful touch with patterned fabric and exciting details. When old meets new, anything goes!

Do you love fairy tales and heirloom roses? Is the modern world a little too loud, too frantic sometimes? It sounds like your style echoes the Victorian age, and with a few simple drapery choices your favorite room can too. Select layers of soft, textured fabric for a sense of refined luxury that transcends time. Borders featuring heavy fringe or delicate lace complete the look. Think extravagant: fabric that drapes along a decorative rod and flows down to pool on the floor fits perfectly in a Victorian styled room.

Whatever your home’s personality—from Nordic minimalist to French baroque—it pays to think deeply about how custom draperies can be a part of its design.

Few things are more unsettling than a perfectly cohesive room décor marred by haphazard curtains. Why devote your precious time, energy, and money to creating your ideal home, only to finish it off with generic draperies that look exactly like everyone else’s? Let your true colors shine through! Use custom draperies to express your style—don’t settle for anything less.


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