Trending Now: Grass Weave Shades

Check out any interior design catalog and you’ll see a common theme – grass weave or woven wood shades are hot right now. These shades are crafted from natural materials, giving your space a cozy and casual feel that seems to bring the outdoors in. If you’re thinking about adding new window shades to your home, consider grass weave shades. Here’s why:

  • They filter in just the right amount of light. Woven shades are not designed to block 100% of outdoor light. Their design is such that small amounts of light come through, even when the shades are drawn. However, this doesn’t mean that your privacy is compromised. The shades still provide all the blockage you need between your indoor spaces and the outside world, making grass weave shades a great choice for people that want privacy AND natural light. If privacy is still a concern, most shades can be customized with special privacy backing added.
  • They add texture to your space. When most people are pondering the decorative elements of their home, they’re generally focused on style and color. Texture takes a backburner, but it shouldn’t, as it is an equally important design element. Grass weave shades provide a unique and natural texture that will complement most spaces and pull together the other design features in your space.
  • Speaking of design and color, grass weave shades go with just about everything. Because these shades come in natural colors, they complement other colors and styles very nicely. Grass weave shades come in a variety of Earth tones ranging from soft blondes and grays to rich cherry and espresso colors.
  • You also have your choice of shade style. Whether you prefer a Roman shade, a roller shade, or a full length curtain, there is a natural woven shade that will suit your tastes.



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