Why You Need Soft Roman Shades In Your Home

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Roman shades look beautiful in any room in your home. And did you know that they’ve been around for centuries? It’s true and while they may look complicated, the reality is that they’re a pretty simple window treatment. If you’re thinking about new window treatments and are leaning toward the more trendy shades of today or a even just a basic set of blinds, it’s time to take a look at soft Roman shades.

The Privacy Factor
One reason many people look to soft Roman shades is because they offer a great level of privacy. When they’re closed, they hang like a panel, so you have all of the privacy of a heavier drape without the weight of the drape itself. If you are looking for shades for bedroom or bathroom windows or any other spaces in your home where you want some privacy these are a great option.

Easy to Use
Many people have struggle with cords and mechanisms on a number of different window coverings, but cordless Roman shades can eliminate the problem entirely. Typically you operate them with the press of a button or a small tab and a bit of a pull or even magnetic ones. If your tired of struggling with window coverings cords, check out convenient cordless Roman shades.

Roman shades don’t have to include cords, and that means if you have small children or pets who might get tangled in the cords this is one less thing to worry with this safe choice. They’re one of the stylish modern window shades you can trust around your kids. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about the kinking or tangling for cords when you select Roman shades.

A Stylish Choice
The decision between blinds and drapes sometimes comes down to style, but with soft Roman shades, that’s not the case. Because they come in lots of different fabric choices, they’ll match your decor, providing you with the color or pattern you really want.

Roman shades have many different advantages. To learn more about whether they’re the right choice for your windows, contact us at Gallery of Shades today and schedule a free in-home design consultation.

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