Need Outdoor Patio Shades? Check Out These Beautiful Options

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Shades for outdoor areas can offer you a chance to make your patio or deck more private. Outdoor patio shades – and even curtains – can keep an area cooler, making it more relaxing and even atmospheric. You can also block the view of nosy neighbors, or use blinds, sun shades, and curtains to help focus the view from your patio on a feature you like.

Patio Shades

The advantage of outdoor patio shades is that they offer UV protection. These are often used indoors to protect floors and furniture from prolonged sun damage. Outdoor shades are breathable and weather- and rust-resistant. They can offer you as much or as little light as you need.

Exterior Roller Blinds

Exterior roller blinds are a solid alternative to outdoor space shades. They can be mounted and controlled easily. These are good because they’ll still let some light in, but they’ll block the harshest light out and keep your patio private. Bamboo is a very good, lightweight material that’s now sustainably harvested, but it doesn’t offer the weather resistance of patio shades.

Curtains. Yes, Really.

A new popular idea is to hang curtains around a patio or deck. They offer excellent shade for a deck, and they stand out as a feature. Bringing the indoors outdoors can make a space feel comfortable and safe. They have a unique texture and bring out patterns boldly. Few things beat curtains for how well they block out sun and shade an area. Just make sure to protect them from the weather, and expect some fading. They’re trendy, and work well for events, but they don’t compete with patio shades as a long-term solution.

Keep it Light

We advise keeping outdoor patio shades lightweight. This carries several advantages – they still let the breeze in and encourage air flow. Heavier materials won’t have the kind of give that lets a breeze come in, and may even act as insulators. Keep it lightweight so that you don’t turn your patio into a greenhouse.

Keep it Practical

Curtains or shades for outdoors don’t necessarily need extra complexities, like frills, lace, or valences. Keep outdoors looks simple and straightforward. You can still play around with patterns and colors to your heart’s content. Neutral, deep, and natural colors each look good outdoors because, well, the outdoors matches everything!

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