Decorating Large Windows with Skyline Panel Track Blinds

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Having an extra large window in your home can be a beautiful addition. It may be one of the things that convinced you to purchase the home in the first place. Being able to let in all that light and to see beautiful vistas is definitely something most homeowners like. Then you move in and you realize that finding large window blinds, ones that allow you to let light in when you want but also shut light out, is next to impossible. That is until you learn about Skyline Panel Track Blinds.

Traditional vertical blinds tend to not work well for extra large windows. When you have a window that is 10’ tall or over, you need to think outside the box and to find a solution that isn’t traditional and that will work to not only allow you to close the light out when you want, but to let it in as well. That’s where Skyline Panel Track Blinds come into play. These contemporary blinds are ideal because you can get them exactly the right size on the first try. Simply measure your window and look at the size of the panels and you’ll be able to figure out how many panels you’ll need to get the look you want. Make sure you account for a bit of overlapping if you truly want the blinds to darken the room fully.

It is important to note that to properly hang these types of large window blinds you’ll need a bit of a different type of curtain rod. These rods have two rods, instead of one, so that you can have one shade panel in the front and one in the back, allowing for that overlap that can truly darken a room. When you want to add light you can simply pull the panels back and let in the amount of light you’d like! If you have large windows, panel blinds may definitely be the right way to go for your home.

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