Types of Natural Wood Shades and How to Keep Them Clean

natural wood shades

There are a number of design elements that go into creating the perfect look for your room. One of the most important, and overlooked design elements to any room are the window coverings. The right window coverings can complete your design or can make your room design look aesthetically unbalanced. For example if you’re going for a tropical design in your home, the last thing you’re going to want are heavy, dark drapes or shades that make the room look worse. Depending on your overall design, you may want to look into natural wood shades.

There are a number of different types of natural wood shades and stylish woven shades. They are made of all natural material and can definitely improve the look of a room when utilized correctly. One thing that stops homeowners from purchasing natural shades is that they don’t know how to clean them.

Tips to Clean Natural Wood or Bamboo Shades

Dusting these types of shades is just as easy as any other type of blind or shade. A duster that goes between the slats will make things much easier and will enable you to get rid of the dust without having to go through every single slat to get it fully cleaned. How often you should dust your natural shades depends on a number of things including how many people and pets you have in your home. If you have grass weave shades you may need to use the soft brush attachment that comes with most vacuums. This should get rid of the dust in a delicate way.

If you have to get a spot or some dirt out of the natural material shade and the duster isn’t working, take a sponge or a microfiber cloth and get it wet. Then wring it out so that there is no water dripping from the sponge or cloth anymore. Gently dab and press at the dirty spot but don’t rub too harshly as it can snag on the material. Try to avoid using too much water as it can warp the natural fibers.

Now that you know more about natural wood and stylish woven shades and how to keep them clean, are you ready to see how they’ll look in your home? Contact Gallery of Shades today.

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