Silhouette Motorized PowerView® Remote Control Shades

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Motorized shades offer the best of both worlds: shade for your home and family, and convenience with ease of use as well.  Silhouette motorized PowerView® shades, composed of a sheer material that enables light to filter in, while filtering the harsh glare out, provide a level of comfort, convenience, and efficiency that can work well in virtually in room in your home or office.

When opened all the way, these remote control shades provide light and the view can filter easily into a room.  When closed completely, a room can be darkened but in a soft way as Silhouettes, with their sheer facings, offer a diffused, and thereby softened, light left to filter through.

PowerView® Motorized Shades

Remote control shades can raise or lower with the touch of a button.  Control the movement of your motorized shades from bed in the morning or from your couch at night without getting up first.  Light can come streaming in when you desire it or be blocked out when you wish it as well; all with the touch of button.  With the best motorized window treatments, there will be no more having to manually lift shades or pull cords.  They can also be controlled by an app on your smart phone.

Motorized shades allow one more feature of your home or office to be fully integrated with the rest of your smart home devices.  You can also choose settings for specific times of day when your shades can automatically raise and lower.  If you’ve left during the daylight hours and will be returning at night, you can schedule your motorized shades to be closed when you arrive home, offering a protection of privacy.

Energy Savings

If you choose to connect your motorized shades to a smart home system, you can also save money on energy costs by allowing your HVAC system to react to the room temperature by raising and lowering shades as the outdoor temperatures warrant.  It is amazing how smart home devices can interact together to help your home stay comfortable and your energy costs stay down, effortlessly and efficiently.

Remote control shades have many benefits to offer.  Check out all the ways they can make your life easier and better.  Contact Gallery of Shades today.

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