What to Expect from an In-Home Consultation

Your home should be a reflection of you! It should be the place where you feel most comfortable, the most at-ease. It’s tough to get that feeling if the morning sun is blinding you at the breakfast table or the afternoon rays are striking the center of the TV. We all love natural light in our homes but controlling and directing it is an important factor in getting that perfectly cozy feeling you want. The first step in finding the perfect balance between bright and blinding is scheduling an in-home consultation for window treatments.

There are so many options for filtering the natural light flowing through your windows. There are possibilities ranging from blackout shades to completely block light to barely-there sheer curtains that merely soften the edges of the sun’s rays. The choices can seem endless if you try to tackle it all alone.

Getting a little professional assistance can help you narrow down your choices based on your home’s features and you own wants and needs. Someone who works the night shift will have very different needs from an early-rising yoga practitioner. Guidance from an in-home consultation can be very valuable in determining the right window coverings.

Your in-home consultation should be a personalized experience. Your consultation should ask plenty of questions about you and your home. Expect your consultant to ask about who lives in the home, what kind of schedule you and your family keep, what you like to do in the rooms and at what time of day. He or she should spend some time looking at each room where you are considering window coverings and assessing the direction and intensity of the light. You should also expect your consultant to take lots of measurements and perhaps make sketches of the room and windows.

Your consultant should then be able to offer advice on what types of products can best fit your needs. He or she should make recommendations on the kind of window treatment and where and how they should be installed. He or she may also be able to make suggestions as to color, fabric and/or textures to best complement your current furnishings.

Creating the comfortable home you need to relax and recharge is just an appointment away. Schedule your free in-home consultation today.

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  • Pam Pruess February 8, 2017, 3:43 pm

    Having recently moved into new home, we currently have Luminettes on 2 sliding glass doors that, unfortunately, are not in great shape. I’m interested in getting a quote on replacement or possible other options. Thanks!

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