Thinking of Silhouette Window Treatments?

You may have heard the name, but do you know about Silhouette window treatments? Silhouette shadings can transform the look and feel of your home. This innovative and attractive product could be just the thing to give your home the soft, beautiful light you love.

Silhouette shadings are a soft type of shade that gives you a great deal on control while still allowing natural light to shine through. They are expertly crafted of sheer strips called vanes that are suspended between two sheer panels. The vanes can be tilted up or down to allow more or less light through.

The unique structure of the Silhouette shade gives you a lot of control over the light. If you set the vanes level, parallel to the ceiling and floor, almost all the natural light will pass through. There will be only a subtle diffusing of the light as it is transformed by passing through the sheer panels. By adjusting the vanes up or down, you can begin to block out some of those rays and reduce the amount of light entering your room.

Tilting also increases your level of privacy without completely blocking the light. Even when the vanes are tilted to the maximum angle, Silhouettes never totally block out your lovely natural light. They still allow sunlight to flow into your home but Silhouette shadings take out the harsh edge that direct sunlight can have. This protects your floors and furnishings as well as your eyes!

You have lots of choices with the Silhouette product line so there’s bound to be a style to suit your room. Schedule an in-home consultation to see the different fabrics, finishes and hardware options that Silhouette has to offer.

A simple change in lighting can transform a room. Find out how Silhouette shadings can highlight your home’s best features with a personal, in-home consultation.

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