Custom Plantation Shutters Add Real Style to Your Home!

custom plantation shutters gallery of shades Scottsdale

Custom plantation shutters are the gold standard in custom window coverings. These classics will give you privacy, style and versatility while adding significant value to your home. With a variety of colors and options to choose from finding custom plantation shutters in Scottsdale is no problem.


Plantation shutters historically favor more traditional decor, but with the latest designs, these window shutters can enhance even a modern interior design. These custom shutters can be made to cover entire windows or just half depending on the level of privacy and shade you desire. When closed, these shutters offer almost complete shade. When the louvers are open, the bright Scottsdale sun can shine through. Since they’re adjustable, they can be moved with the pattern of the sun throughout the day offering maximum versatility in sun protection.


Window shutters aren’t just for windows. Custom plantation shutters can be made for doors, too. The ability to use them on both windows and doors will give your home a more unified and tailored look. Sliders, French doors and standard doors can all be fitted with custom plantation shutters. Have an odd shaped window? That doesn’t mean a custom plantation shutter won’t work. They can be made to fit many sizes and styles of window.


Custom window shutters come in both wood and vinyl. Traditional white offers a bright statement while they can also be customized to any color or wood tone. Those options allow any room to be customized with the perfect shutter to enhance its decor and beauty. The casings around the shutters offer a beautiful frame that doesn’t require an additional window treatment.

Custom plantation shutters add style, functionality and value to any home. Their versatile designs and customizable options make them ideal for any homeowner looking to enhance their homes value while solving the problem of the hot Scottsdale sun.

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