Luminette Blinds Give You Style and Flexibility!

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What are Luminettes and how will they add style to your home? Luminette blinds are polyester panels with vanes similar to those of vertical shades. The louvers provide more privacy when closed. They offer transparency to the outside world while filtering the sunlight when opened. Wondering why they’re so popular? Read on to find out why Luminette blinds might be a good choice for your home and one of Scottsdale’s favorite window coverings.


Custom Luminette blinds are very versatile. They come in a variety of colors and can run either vertically or horizontally. The horizontal orientation gives them a similar look to a Roman shade. Luminette blinds offer a contemporary touch to any room. The soft look and feel give warmth and depth to a room. Since these blinds can be made to order, they will fit on many different sizes and styles of doors and windows. They can be mounted either inside or outside the window frame, so using an additional decorative window treatment or valance is still an option.


Luminette blinds can work with a variety of decors. From traditional to contemporary, these blinds can fit in based on how they’re customized. The difference is in the fabric and color. Going from vertical or horizontal can also make them more contemporary. For a more traditional design, choose a warmer fabric or one with a subtle pattern. Either light or bright fabric will lend itself well to a more modern decor.

Custom Luminette blinds are a way to shade your home from the harmful rays of the sun while letting in light and enjoying the outside view. Luminette shades are an updated version of vertical or horizontal blinds that add a beautiful dimension to your home. With all the styles and colors available, there’s a Luminette blind to work in virtually any Scottsdale home.

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