Selecting the Best Kids Room Window Treatment Ideas

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Maybe you’re creating a theme for a young child. The best advice here is to keep up the theme when it comes to curtains and shades for kids rooms. If you have a child who’s old enough to choose their own theme, then involve them in the process! This is the first and most important of our can’t-miss kids room window treatment ideas.

Decide Together!

For both girls and boys, it can be a great bonding experience to choose design elements of a room together and talk about why they work. Maybe your daughter wants to be an astronaut – what about a space theme? Perhaps your son wants to be a paleontologist – how can you work dinosaurs into the mix? There’s never an age when they’re too young for their dreams to be supported. Being part of these decisions also helps children feel invested in a space, which can encourage them to be more responsible for it and keep it tidier.

Repeating Patterns

Whether it’s anchors, stars, dinosaurs, starfish, or geometric shapes, repeating patterns help a child establish a sense of safety. Repeating patterns can help calm our minds because as we look at them, we can begin to predict how they’ll continue. This is subconsciously reassuring, and helps to create a space that’s comforting and nurturing.

Light Pastels

When it comes to children’s rooms, light pastels are suitable for all kids. From eggshell blue to pink, and sunset orange to pastel green, these light, bright colors help to keep curtains for children’s rooms cheery.


Rather than a single layer, it can be smart to incorporate sheer treatments and darker curtains for children’s rooms. This way, your choice isn’t just between light and no light. You can modify. A sheer treatment means that natural light will still come in, but the harshest light will get blocked. This allows you to keep a space bright while still keeping out the glare. You can draw the heavier curtains when you do want it to be darker.

Negative Space

Negative space is OK. A pattern doesn’t have to be dominating and overwhelming in order to work. You don’t want your curtains or shades for kids rooms to look like shower curtains because they’re so visually busy. Consistent color and how your choice influences the light in a room are both more important.

These are good guidelines to help you start, but if you need more kids room window treatment ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions. Gallery of Shades will come to your home for a free in-home design consultation and together you can choose the best shades for the room.

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