Sheer Window Coverings

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Sheer window coverings are a great way to allow the light in while giving you the privacy you want, but many people just don’t know how they might fit into a given space. Take a look at a wide variety of options now.

Vignette Modern Roman Shades

The fabric choices for vignette modern Roman shades come in a wide variety from sheer to opaque which allows the light to enter your home while still giving you privacy. This shade has consistent folds with no exposed cords, making them safe for your child or pet. This shade also uses a roller system which allows the shade to be fully pulled up then hidden out sight.

Solar Shades

Solar shades use sheer fabric that allows light in but also provides privacy. This sheer fabric has glare and UV protection and protects your home from the heat and damage of the sun since the sun’s rays are reflected instead of penetrating through the window. These shades will reduce your homes energy costs.


Luminettes use sheer fabrics that protect your home from the harsh outside light by diffusing it through sheer fabrics. Their beautiful fabrics filter out the brightness, UV rays and glare and can protect the inside of your home from fading. These blinds also come with safety hardware that makes them safe for pets and children.


Silhouettes have soft fabric vanes that hang between two sheer facings. This allows the light to enter the room but will soften and diffuse it. It gives the soft look of a curtain with the light and control that blinds provide. They also come in a wide variety of beautiful fabrics and not are they beautiful but they are safe for pets and children and are energy efficient.

Draperies with Sheers, Sheer Shades or Sheer Blinds

Window sheers behind your draperies add a nice decorative touch while still allowing light to enter during the daytime and at night they can be closed for complete privacy. Another nice option behind your drapes would be placing some nice sheer shades or sheer blinds.

Interested in shopping some of today’s hottest sheer looks? Take a look at our complete line now.


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