Are Patterned Curtains in Style?

Looking for a fun way to make your living spaces pop?  How about a gorgeous set of patterned curtains? These offer an easy and inexpensive way to add interest and visual appeal to your rooms, and there are virtually thousands of styles and materials to choose from. Here are some of the most timeless patterns, as well as the ones that are trending right now:

  1. Florals – Florals aren’t just for your grandma anymore. Floral prints can come in different style, ranging from realistic-looking flowers to patterns that are more artistic and modern, but still have that floral essence.
  2. Leaves and greenery – Leaf outlines are big right now, from simple elongated oval prints to plant-specific styles, such as the gingko leaf or a fern print.
  3. Stripes – You can never go wrong with a timeless stripe pattern. Horizontal or vertical, stripes can be found in patterns featuring wide or narrow lines, or a combination of the two. These give an elegant look to a space without coming across as too busy.
  4. Moroccan print – Moroccan prints are huge right now, and can be found in simple two-color patterns, or more elaborate, multi-color prints that are reminiscent of a henna design. Curtains with this pattern can bring a fun and exotic flair to your space.
  5. Herringbone pattern – The clean lines and intricate pattern of a herringbone-style curtain is just enough to ramp up the aesthetics without being over-the-top. Herringbone features rectangles positioned to resemble a zigzag pattern and usually just includes two colors.
  6. Polka dots – Polka dots are fun and charming, and they work extremely well for spaces that have a whimsical feel. You can go with extra-tiny dots, or large dots for a bolder look.
  7. Damask – The classic damask pattern is pure elegance. Resembling a fleur de lis, this repetitive pattern brings a classy touch to any space.


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