Tab Top Curtains are Great for Any Room

If you’ve been browsing the different window treatment options out there, you know there are hundreds of styles available. In the curtain category alone, you’ve got pleated curtains, rod pocket, back tab, and eyelet, just to name a few. Another type, the tab top, is one that’s been around forever and remains a favorite among buyers. Here’s some basic info about this versatile curtain type:

  • Tab top curtains get their name from their appearance. The curtain hangs from the rod by small “tabs” of fabric that wrap around the rod. The rod is drawn through these exposed loops to hold the curtain in place.
  • Tab tops are one of the oldest curtains designs, and they’re very convenient. The tabs allow for easy opening and closing of the curtains, unlike some of the rod pocket styles which have a tendency to stick.
  • This type of curtain is also extremely versatile and comes in a wide range of materials and textures. You can find a tab top style curtain in every from velvet to sheer synthetic fabric.
  • There’s also an abundance of styles and colors with tab top curtains. Solid colors or patterns are available, and you can even find different designs for connecting the tab piece to the curtain fabric. While many are simply sewn together, others are fitted with fun connectors, like buttons.
  • Tab top curtain are very simple to install. Once you’ve mounted your chosen hardware (the curtain rod, brackets, finials, and tiebacks), simply slide the curtain onto the rod. Depending on the type of curtain you’ve chosen, you may have to screw the finials on after the curtain is in place on the rod.
  • Care and maintenance is a cinch. Like most other curtains, cleaning them is as simple as spot-treating stains with a fabric cleanser, or even just tossing them into the washing machine. Just remove the curtain from the hardware, clean, and replace!
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