Considering Custom Draperies? Read This First!

It seems like windows themselves come alive when they wear drapes like elegant dresses. Indeed, we customize draperies to your window and the style of the room, creating a beautiful space that is entirely you.

Why Draperies?

Draperies articulate something meaningful in any room. They interact with the light by sometimes being drawn to the side to leave the center open, and other times spread evenly across the window, or left fully open. By going with draperies around your windows, you accentuate and accent other elements in the room and the natural light that comes through the window when the drapes open.

Building Something Amazing

Drapes can be as elegant or simple as you’d like. Some can resemble theater-style curtains. Others might draw to mind luscious Victorian homes. While some drapery patterns can be wonderfully ornate, others can also hang with simplicity. Even those that seem simple in pattern can render its own eloquence in the way the fabric is tied to the side and also in the chosen colors relates to the furniture, carpet, and other objects in the room. Drapes can shape around a window in a variety of ways, so you can shift their presence in the room depending upon the occasion. That’s perhaps the most beautiful aspect of custom drapes – you can design something that will best fit your needs.

Get Started Now

There are so many different drapery styles to choose from, with modern cuts to luxurious flows and curls– we can help you find the right fit for your windows and aesthetic taste. Gallery of Shades will also provide advice on how to properly (and creatively!) hang and form drapes, so you won’t be left wondering what exactly to do with all that cloth. Draperies offer graceful folds and attractive lines that make a poetic addition to any home.


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