Why Should You Consider Roller Shades?

There’s a reason why the design behind roller shades hasn’t changed a whole lot since its invention: because it works. It’s a simple, functional design that doesn’t exclude creativity. While retaining the same functionality, roller shades take on endless forms by way of differently patterned fabrics and thicknesses. Whether you’d like something that can block out all of the sun at certain times of day, or something that shelters privacy but still allows a little light to come through, Gallery of Shades has the custom fit roller option for you.

Here are some things to keep in mind while considering roller shades:

  • If you have a panel of windows, you could vary how far up each shade goes at which times, perfecting the balance between sunshine and privacy as the day shift on.
  • If you’d like to block out unwanted sunlight, a solid, darker shade may be the way to go.
  • For light and bright colored shades, there’s an endless variety and themes of fabric patterns (including translucent); we can help you choose ones that harmonize best with your living space in our free consultation.
  • In living rooms, roller shades can help block glares from television screens, monitors, and other reflective surfaces.
  • Thick roller shades can block out excess noise.

Roller shades allow easy control over sunlight without losing a desirable view. They’re easy to clean and they don’t require a lot of maintenance. How you dress windows can affect the mood of the whole room, both because of the fabric design and because they filter sunlight in particular ways. Roller shades offer a simple elegance– they fit right to the window with no unneeded fabric, and it’s easy to adjust their setting depending on your mood and how much light you’d like for the tasks at hand.

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