What Are Finials?

If you’ve done any reading recently about draperies, you’ve probably come across the term finials. Wondering what they are and how they can accent a room? Take a look.

A finial is a decorative accessory for the top or end of an object. In architecture it is placed on top of a building, when it comes to drapes or curtains it’s placed on both ends of the drapery rod. It’s primarily a decorative piece, and it prevents the rings and drapery panels from sliding off the end of the rod. More than that, though, it helps to dress up a drapery rod. It’s normally finished in brushed silver, copper, silver, pewter, bronze or a variety of other finishes. They also come in a variety of shapes such as leaves, flowers, balls, urns, fleur-de-lis or a twisted sphere. Finials for drapery rods can come in all types of styles from gothic to more contemporary styles such as art nouveau. The type of finials chosen will depend on a person’s style.

How can you decide whether finials might be a nice touch in your room? You may want to think about the following:

  • Window Size: Smaller windows deserve smaller finials. Think carefully about the window where it will be placed before you decide to buy.
  • Current Decor: There are many different types of finials out there, and not every one matches the style of your home. Select one that goes well with it. Fancy wrought iron can look amazing in certain settings, but in others, it’s just going to look out of place, so choose carefully. Don’t forget to match the color of the rod and finial to the color of the room.
  • Curtain Style: Some curtains are so big and bulky that they might cover the finial you’ve chosen completely. Don’t let that happen. Choose a style that complements the finials. For example, a light, billowy sheer might work with a lightly colored glass finial.

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