French Door Window Covering Options

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French doors make almost any room absolutely gorgeous. They’re a solid choice in a variety of spaces in your home because they add to the natural light while offering you an architecturally interesting focal point. The problem? Window covering choices here can be frustrating. You want something that will offer you the right amount of light and privacy, but you also want a choice that will help draw the room together. What are your real French Door window covering options? Take a peek.

  • Shades: If you’re looking for a contemporary look, shades, particularly Roman shades, may be the way to go. You can choose from a variety of fabric options when you shop for shades for French doors, and they can give you the touch of softness you’re looking for. Some even roll the fabric up into a headrail to help avoid the stack at the top of the window more traditional Roman shades offered.
  • Drapes: If you’re looking for the window treatment option that offers you more design possibilities and better light blocking power, custom draperies are the way to go. Drapes for French doors tend to be the most energy efficient option, and they’re the perfect way to incorporate a fabric you love.
  • Blinds: Easily the most common of the window covering solutions, blinds for French Doors are the perfect way to control light and privacy. The biggest problem most people find is that they tend to get in the way of the handles, which can reduce functionality. The solution, though, is a fairly simple one. Simply buy shallow blinds for French doors that help to increase functionality and fit comfortably.

So, which French door window covering option is right for you? Contact Gallery of Shades today to learn more about your options and how we can custom design a window covering to meet your needs.

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