Why Should You Buy Motorized Honeycomb Shades?

Why Should You Buy Motorized Honeycomb Shades?

Honeycomb shades are the wave of the future! They’re great for your home and business, and have a lot of different perks to help you maximize the use of your space: they can help you regulate the light level of your room, they can save on energy costs for your home, they can help to save our ecosystem, and they can even spruce up a dull space. Need to explore a few more benefits of the best honeycomb shades on the market? Take a look. 

Why are These Shades So Great?

Hunter Douglas PowerView honeycomb shades, or Duette shades, are some of the best honeycomb shades on the market. They work with folds or “honeycombs” to help regulate light. Each section of the shade folds into a honeycomb, creating a great way to delicately affect the light level of your room. These shades can also help insulate your home- the air pockets formed in each folded honeycomb help to keep your house at the temperature you want, all the time. Some shades even come with specific options to help you control the light level of your room, and these are even motorized, so you don’t even have to hassle with getting your blinds tangled while trying to raise and lower them.

A Delicate Touch

Even better, these powerful honeycomb shades just need a little to be the best shades you’ve ever bought! They don’t have to just come from the top of your window- you can set your shade to rise up from the bottom of the sill, or even set it somewhere in the middle to allow for all the sunlight you want- or even none of it! Depending on the opacity of your shade, your room might be able to look like midnight, even in the middle of the day! If you’re looking for the best kind of honeycomb shade, you should check out Hunter Douglas PowerView honeycomb shades, for the best coverage you can get.

Strange Shapes

But wait- there’s even more that these great shades can do! If you have a strangely-shaped window, like an arch or an a-frame, it can be hard to find the right blinds to fit your needs. But with power honeycomb shades, the shades can be built around your window to find the perfect fit! You don’t need to worry about finding the right shades or getting them tangled around your strangely-shaped windows, because motorized honeycomb shades never tangle and can raise and lower on their own.

To learn more about just how powerful this option can be, visit our showroom in Scottsdale or give us a call today at 480-643-0014. 

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