Sheer Window Treatments: Are They Worth It?

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Many people shun sheer window treatments with the thought that they’re out of style or simply won’t work well in a given room. The simple truth, though, is that learning about sheer window coverings means understanding they are completely worth the investment, and they can bring so many benefits to a room. Take a look.

  • Minimal Light Filtering: While options like blackout curtains certainly have a time and a place, the airy feel sheers bring to a space do too. If you have an open floor plan or you have gorgeous windows where you just want the light to shine in brightly, sheers can be a good choice. They offer privacy, but you still get natural lighting throughout the room.
  • Timeless Style: Sheer window treatments work with both modern and traditional room styles. What’s more, though, is that they can go in virtually every space in a home, creating a wall to wall look that will help to tie all of your styles together. They work well in rooms with lots of other bold elements, like patterns, too because they offer some visual consistency. Even if you want them as a stand-alone, they manage to create a soft, gentle look that helps create visual peace in a room.
  • A Variety of Neutral Colors: While many people think sheers only come in white, the reality is there are many types of window sheers, and they’re available in many different neutral shades. While they often come in white or off-white, you could go with a gray color that would add a bit of a flair if you have pale wall colors. Something like an Oatmeal might be perfect against a white wall for a bit of a color shift, too.

The possibilities with sheers are absolutely endless. To learn more about whether they’re right for your space, contact us today at 480-643-0014.

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