Are Woven Wood Shades the Right Choice for You?

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Both homeowners and home designers have fallen in love with the texture and dimension that woven wood shades bring to a home. Offering an exquisite diffused light to almost any room, even when they’re down, you get complete privacy with just the right amount of light.

Woven wood shades come in such a variety of earth tones that range anywhere from soft blonds and grays to deep and rich cherry and espresso colors that they can go with almost any décor and can be the right choice for you. They bring the outside into your home and bring such amazing texture by the use of natural wood, reeds, bamboo and even grass that grass weave shades can provide into a room. They can make a formal living arrangement look easygoing, cozy and welcoming. With so many amazing texture and color choices these shades can match any décor and are a wonderful addition to any home.

Perhaps the best part is that these woven wood shades are not designed to block every bit of light that comes from outdoors. They are designed so that small amounts of light can filter through the shade, which allows the homeowner to not only let in some gorgeous light into the room but also to see outside while still having privacy. They can also come with a liner for complete privacy at night. These liners are especially nice for bedrooms where the homeowner might want total darkness at night.

There are two ways to use liners on woven wood shades. One way is to simply add an attached liner. This method wouldn’t be the best option since it would block the diffused light that comes through these shades. The better method would be to add a moveable liner that can be raised and lowered independently behind your woven wood shades. You could keep this liner up during the day and lower it at night for complete privacy at night.

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