Window blinds – Lots of Options

Before you decide on blinds for your windows be sure and look further than classic mini blinds. Mini blinds are affordable and versatile but what if you are missing out on a style of blind that better suits your decor and style? New hybrids of blinds exist that soften and diffuse light, increase energy efficiency, are easy to clean all the while looking perfect in your home. We would love to design any of the following window treatments to best fit your personal style.

Luminettes and Silhouettes allow soft natural light to enter your room while keeping your privacy intact. They are designed with sheer fabric and panels or vanes. The vanes allow you to adjust the amount of light that comes through your window.  Luminettes are vertical and silhouettes are horizontal. Luminettes are especially great for those hard to fit patio doors. The hybrid design of sheer treatments combines draperies and blind into one beautiful piece. These blinds are modern, stylish, and a perfect fit to show off your home.

Skyline Panel Tracks are a perfect for larger hard to fit windows. The panel widths are custom made to work in any window and come in a large selection of fabrics and colors so you don’t have to settle. Our skyline panel tracks can also be used for attractive closet coverings or room dividers.

Vertical blinds are one of the most popular options of blinds for homeowners. They work well in most spaces, are durable and easy to clean. Our Verticals come in many colors, textures, and even natural fibers.

Still looking for a classic yet stylish window blind? Faux wood or regular wood may be the right choice for you. They make any room feel cozy and invite your to make yourself at home. The choice between the two comes down to the level of humidity and moisture in the room you are installing blinds. Faux wood works better for kitchens and bathrooms while real wood is more suited to living spaces like dens or bedrooms.

At Gallery of Shades we are excited to help you decide the right blinds for your home room by room. Let us help you choose the blinds most suited to your taste and style.


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  • Daelin August 8, 2016, 9:54 am

    I am glad to see that window blinds have come a long way from the classic Venetian blinds, usually made out of a thin metal that was easily bent and made lots of noise. As mentioned in the article, there are new types of blinds with multiple functions including: energy saving, temperature control, and light diffusion. You have to think about the purpose of blinds for each room, be it to provide privacy without blocking light, or to keep the room cool from the sun.

  • Stephen Herron June 7, 2017, 10:43 pm

    Its a very informational article, thanks we liked it.

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