Grass Weave Shades Add Texture to Room Redesign

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The spring season brings out the need to do a little cleaning and how about a little redecorating too!  Many of us begin with a good deep cleaning of our home and run to the nearest home improvement store to pick out a fresh coat of paint for that room redesign or stain for the deck or the best new flowers for our yards.  New pillows, new bedding, new rug, it’s all very exciting! But don’t forget to throw in texture to the mix. Grass weave shades or woven wood window treatments are a great added textural touch.

Any strong decorating scheme will hold to several elements.  The first is a consistent color scheme involving a couple of main colors with a third for “pop” and interest.  The second is a mix of heights so that the eye is drawn around the room rather than settling in one place.  This could be well-placed artwork, a tall bookcase or other furniture, or even your window treatments.  The third is undoubtedly texture.

A different type of fabric throw can contrast with the texture of the seating in a room in order to provide interest and tactile experience.  Flooring can provide the same feeling.  Interestingly, so, again, can your window treatments.  Take, for example, the way grass weave shades or woven wood shades instantly adds a touch of exoticism to a room, particularly with cool walls or a tile floor.  A grass weave shade may evoke memories of a fabulous beach trip or a reed shade may complement a design aesthetic made up of foreign travel and one of a kind finds.  And don’t forget, a patio shade adds texture to the “rooms” you have outside!

But the decoration doesn’t stop there.  The way a textured shade can filter light creates a certain ambiance that other window treatments cannot match.  Sitting in your favorite room dreaming of a time when you can travel the world again (or for the first time) with the light filtered just so on a lazy afternoon is one of life’s great pleasures.  After all, isn’t your home supposed to be a rest for your soul?

If you want to add texture to your décor, don’t forget your window treatments! Contact Gallery of Shades today for different window treatment ideas.

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