Choosing the Right Custom Valances for Your Home Decor

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If you are looking to finish your room treatments with just the right flourish, then you can’t go wrong with custom valances.  This decorated material that typically conceals the curtain rod but only comes down “just so far” is a popular way to pull a room together without spending too much money while still being high design.  But how can you choose the right custom valances?

First, determine if you need a valance  Typically, a valance can be used to complete a formal feel in a specific room, such as a formal living room or a master bedroom (though not all valances feel formal!).

In some situations, the homeowner may want to disguise the curtain rod, in a bathroom for example. Bathrooms tend to be smaller spaces where one might want to incorporate a “little touch” of decor.  Still, other window treatments just simply feel a little incomplete without a valance.  For example, half-shutters, a very popular lower window treatment looks a bit naked on top.  But a valance balances out the treatment, drawing the eye to the whole window, and completing the design.

Some of the most popular places to install a valance are in the kitchen.  The kitchen, for example, sometimes has lovely, but smaller windows that a homeowner doesn’t typically want to cover completely.  Still, the window needs a decorated look.  Enter the valance!  With a variety of lengths and designs, it can pull the kitchen together without getting in the way of necessary kitchen work or blocking needed light or a beautiful view.

So if you have determined you would love to experiment with valances, where to start?  Remember, valances go with a wide variety of window treatments – cellular shades, shutters, horizontal blinds as well as draperies.  So it really is up to you.  Boxed valances create that aforementioned formal look while arched valances draw the eye upward in a room with beautiful ceilings or crown molding.  One of the most attractive options is a rolled valance, which, as the name implies, can also double as a curtain in a particularly sunny room or an area where you have a great view but may want more privacy from time to time.

No matter the design, there is a valance – flounced, gathered, boxed or rolled – for every decorating need! Contact Gallery of Shades today for a free in-home design consultation. We will help you choose the right custom valances for your space.

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