Faux Wood Blinds Offer Versatility, Style and Durability

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Faux wood blinds provide the look of real wood but without some of the disadvantages, especially in humid and moisture-laden rooms like bathrooms.  Faux wood blinds are both durable and resilient, which makes them an ideal choice for indoor rooms that capture a lot of moisture.  They are mildew resistant blinds that can readily be incorporated not only into bathrooms, but also kitchens and laundry rooms.  While providing these durable benefits, they still offer a beautiful look.


Durable and versatile.  Nearly everyone loves the look of real wood, but there are some rooms in your home that it’s not the best choice, due to the temperature, climate, and use of the room.  Faux wood blinds are composed of plastic PVC materials, which enables them to be resistant to mildew in room uses with high humidity or high moisture content.  They are easy to clean with minimal effort and they will last longer than real wood.  Yet, the high-quality construction of faux wood blinds makes their look oftentimes difficult to discern from real wood.

Design and style.  Faux wood blinds come in a wide range of colors, finishes, and composition of wood grains, including neutral tones and shades of white.  They can also be either smooth or textured.  Due to the fact that they are offered in such a wide variation of designs and styles, it should be quite easy to choose one that will exactly complement your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room decor.

Cost-effective. The durability and resiliency of faux wood blinds can also help you save on energy costs.  They help reduce heat and humidity in summer months and insulate your room during winter months.  This translates into energy savings for you.  Faux wood blinds also protect furniture in the room from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Mildew-resistant blinds for bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms can come in the guise of faux wood blinds, which bring not only cost savings and versatility to your home, but they can also be very aesthetically pleasing as well.  Faux wood blinds can be easily incorporated into the décor of your bathroom or any other room in your home where humidity and moisture content are problematic.

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