Will You Choose the Best Window Shades for Your Home?

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Window treatments abound these days, and the choices can be overwhelming. You know you don’t want bare windows, but what’s going to work best in that space? For many, updating window shades throughout a home is the way to go, but even here, there are lots of choices. How will you know you’re choosing the best window shades for your decor? Looking to make sense of it all? Here are three types of shades for windows you may want to consider.

Roman Shades: These are usually one piece of fabric. Within that fabric, though, you’ll find horizontal folds that run through the entire thing. When they’re folded down completely, they have the ability to lay flat against the window. When you raise them, though, the fold up nicely. Essentially, you’re getting the look of a drapery with the power of a shade. As such, there are lots of colors and patterns to choose from that are certain to look enticing.

Solar Shades: If energy efficiency is at the top of your list, you may want to consider solar shades. These are made from a tightly woven fabric, and they’re designed to keep the heat and the light out when they’re down. They’re ideal for those windows that get direct sunlight. Even when closed, though, they don’t completely block the view, so you can control how much light comes into the room. These days, solar shades come in a variety of looks and patterns, giving you a number of different options.

Cellular Shades: Solar shades are great for energy efficiency, but you can go one step higher with cellular shades. Created in the 70s as the perfect way to keep the heat or the cold out, these are becoming one of the most popular window treatments available today. You essentially have two fabric panels with cellular shades. In between the two are honeycomb-shaped pockets filled with air. That air acts as an insulator to keep the outside air out and the inside air in, making them a great choice if you want to lower your overall energy bills.

No matter which type you think are the best window shades, we can help you get the right design for your home. To learn more, contact us today.

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