Are Wood Blinds Right For the WHOLE House?

Wood blinds have a classic look many people love throughout the house, but they tend to come with one big drawback – they’re wood. Wood window coverings are rarely right for high humidity areas like the bathroom or the kitchen. In spaces like those, are wood blinds still a good choice?

The Damage From Heat and Humidity

The bathroom and the kitchen in your home are, necessarily, flooded with heat and humidity on a daily basis. Every time you cook, you’re heating up your kitchen significantly. Boiling water, dish water, and even the dishwasher can create steam and added humidity in that area. In the bathroom, every bath and shower means steam, heat, and humidity against those blinds. The damage can be significant, too. You could see cracks begin to form and the wood begin to warp.

Your Other Options

There are several choices on the market that mean wood blinds you don’t have to worry about. Shopping for a company that protects its wood blinds and designs them for high heat and humidity areas is one excellent choice.

Your other option if you’re in love with the idea of wood blinds in that area is to go with faux wood blinds. They often look just as good as wood blinds, but don’t have the tendency toward damage in areas like the bathroom and kitchen that traditional choices do.

If you’re willing to explore, there are other good window coverings for kitchens too. Cellular shades look great and let quite a bit of natural light in. Modern Roman shades also offer many of the same advantages, and both of those choices come in a variety of textures and colors.

Not sure where to put wood blinds in your home? Give Gallery of Shades a call today to learn more about great wood blind choices and other options for your kitchen and bathroom.

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