3 Advantages of Solar Shades

If you are considering new window coverings for your home, then you definitely don’t want to overlook the potential advantages of solar shades. These shades serve more than one purpose, which is exactly why a growing number of homeowners are falling in love with them.

Reduce Cooling Costs – Very likely, aside from the visual appeal that they offer, the biggest reason that people choose to have solar shades installed is because they can help mitigate the expenses related to keeping homes cool in the summer. The sun’s rays are intense, and while we appreciate the added light that windows all in, we don’t appreciate how hot a home can get when those strong rays are pouring in. Solar shades allow you to shut out those rays during the hottest hours of the day, so you air conditioner is working endlessly to combat the heat of the incoming sun.

Reduce Ultraviolet Damage – We’ve all become accustomed to the fact that too much sun exposure can be very damaging to the skin. The ultraviolet rays actually damages the skin’s cells.

However, it is not just human cells that are susceptible to UV light. Many of the materials in the average household can be damaged when exposed, endlessly to these light waves. Draperies and rugs can quickly fade, while leather and suede can become brittle under the intense sunlight. The solar shades block those harmful rays and defend you- and your home from the damaging impact.

Perfect for Windows, Big or Small Solar shades are often used on sun porches, and in rooms with many windows as, of course, those rooms feel the biggest impact when the sun is shining its brightest. However, these shades can be just as attractive and effective when placed on smaller windows or even on some sliding doors.

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