Upgrade Window Coverings Using the Latest Trends

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If you’re like many people today, you’re probably ready to deal with your outdated home fashions and make sure your space is exactly how  you want it – trendy, gorgeous, and ready for company. One of the fastest ways to do just that is to upgrade window coverings in your home. New window treatment trends can help you feel like your space is better than ever. Here are a few  you may want to consider.

Go with Layers

Some of the best window treatments are those that reflect the potential for layers, allowing your choices to happily coexist. Imagine some new shades along with custom draperies. You want interesting options that fit with the room but aren’t an exact match like you might see in a catalog somewhere. Instead, add a sprinkle of  you into everything you buy.

Think Natural

Before you buy new blinds that look just like the ones you’ve always purchased, make sure you consider something on the natural side. People love not only ecofriendly choices, but also options that bring a little of the outside in. For example, faux wood window treatments have grown in popularity in the bathroom and kitchen over the last few years because they’re a great choice that holds up well. If you can select window treatments made from natural fibers and fabrics, you’re going to hit a home run every time.

Go Cordless

New regulations are out from the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission. Corded shades and blinds can no longer be sold as an in stock option, and for good reason. They create a serious risk for young children. Some studies estimate thousands of kids have been injured over the last few decades because of these window treatment choices, so be sure you upgrade to something a little safer for your home.

Ready to make the switch and buy new window treatments? Give us a call today, and we’ll help you choose the right window coverings for  your home.

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