The Best Outdoor Patio Shades Shield You from the Sun

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People choosing Scottsdale and Phoenix to live, play, and work often have the wonderful climate in mind.  While enjoying the climate year-round can be more pleasurable than other parts of the country that experience snow and ice, the sun in Arizona can, at times, be a little overwhelming.  The choice of window coverings in Arizona can make all the difference in keeping your home or office the most comfortable it can be.  The best outdoor patio shades for patio areas bring versatility to your space.


The best outdoor patio shades are those that have been customized especially to your specific needs.  As well as controlling the sun and heat, the best shades for outdoor living can also offer privacy.  Given the continuing demand for development in the Scottsdale and Phoenix areas, residents understand the growing need for privacy and patio shades can help.  A variety of colors and fabrics in patio shades enable you to find the perfect match for the rest of your home’s décor.  The best outdoor shades will be made from a fabric that is breathable and that will allow the air to flow through, while keeping out the sun and heat.  They should also be weather-resistant, in order to wear well and last longer.


If your cooling bills are taking too big a bite out of your budget, you’re not alone.  The Department of Energy estimates that approximately 76 percent of sunlight radiating into standard windows becomes heat for that home’s environment.  The best outdoor patio shades are those trapping or reflecting at least some of that percentage, reducing the amount of heat absorbed by your home’s spaces.


Blinds are another window treatment option that can work well for patio spaces.  Most blinds are made of movable slats that can open a little or a lot, completely at your discretion.  Vertical blinds are often used for a sliding door leading onto a patio.  This type of window or door covering can also stand up well to the sometimes-harsh Arizona sun.

The best shades for outdoor living can bring many advantages.  They can offer a respite from the heat, savings cost on your energy bills, and privacy when you want it. Patio shades are ideal for your patio but also for decks, porches, pergolas, and balconies as well. 

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