Home Office Window Treatments: What You Need to Know

Home Office Window Treatments What You Need to Know

Statistics suggest that thanks to the pandemic, nearly 71% of people are currently working from home. Often that means once-neglected home office spaces are getting a much-needed makeover, and while you may have initially considered your desk, chair, and wall color as the primary concerns in your makeover process, you may also want to factor in another key component – your window treatments

How Window Treatments Affect a Space

Your office’s windows are your view of the outside world. Whether that view is absolutely amazing or you can simply see your neighbor’s house, the reality is that the type of treatment you select affects what you can or cannot see. It also, however, affects the feel of the room itself. Light-diffusing shades, for example, are likely to offer you filtered sunlight when you want it the most.

Light blocking options, though, give you the power to completely shut the outside world out. It’s not just the level of light the window treatments let in, though. It’s also their colors, patterns, and textures that can create a statement about how the room feels. Looking for something comfortable and calming? You’ll want to go with soft colors and textures. Looking for something bold and powerful? Choose bright drapes or patterned shaded. No matter what you select, understand that it will change your space. 

Making the Choice that’s Right For You

There are many different options on the market when it comes to home office window treatments, so be sure to shop around a bit. Consider the feel of the room and the kind of statement you want to make with your choice. Don’t forget to factor in how much light control you’ll need when you’re at a video conference or just working on your computer.

You may want to invest in light-blocking shades so you don’t get an incredible glare every time you join a conference. You may need something a bit more understated, though. Know how much light you want in the room on a regular basis before you shop. You may also want to consider the level of permanence. Installing plantation shutters, for example, is a bold statement, but probably not one you want to make if you’ll simply want to update your home office in just a few years. 

Ready to upgrade your home office window treatments? We can help. With a complete selection of light-diffusing shades, light-blocking shades, and many customized options that will change how you see your space, Gallery of Shades is the one place to turn right now. To learn more about how we can help, contact us today.  

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