3 Dining Room Window Treatment Ideas You Can Use Now

3 Dining Room Window Treatment Ideas You Can Use Now

Window treatments can be the focal point of a room, particularly in the dining room where you’ve likely chosen a fairly sparse decorating scheme. Choose the wrong custom drapes or shades, and you’ll change the entire feel of the room. What can you do that is certain to make your dining room look great, though? You may want to try one of these ideas.

  • Plantation Shutters: One of the easiest to maintain window coverings available, plantation shutters offer both durability and light control. More than that, though, they make a beautiful, bold statement in any dining room. They’re a stylish, elegant addition, and they are incredibly versatile, so no matter what window shape and size you have, they’re the right choice. 
  • Custom Drapes: Many people hear drapes, and they think of outdated window coverings of the past. That’s just not the case, though. Instead, custom drapes are the one way to get your space exactly right. With the ideal options when it comes to style, texture, and color, you simply cannot go wrong with custom drapes. Whether you’re going for bold statements, elegant background options, or just something that fits your windows well, custom drapes are always a good choice. 
  • Sheers and Swags: Pairing swags, or loosely draped pieces of fabric at the top with sheers is a great way to create a quiet, almost romantic feel to your dining room. If you’re going for a cottage or country style, this is the way to move forward. To achieve this look, you’ll certainly want to select a rod that fits the room’s style, as well as a light fabric that’s going to look great with your existing color scheme. 

Hoping for custom window treatments that really will complement the feel of the room? We can help. Book an in-home consultation with us now, and we’ll help you choose elegant window treatments that match your decorating goals! 


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