Balloon Shades: Aesthetic Appeal with Traditional Functionality

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Balloon shades offer an extraordinary touch to the look and feel of a home with their inverted pleats and puffy festoons.  The way in which you choose to adorn your home can define the statement you want to make about your personality and individuality.  You can complete a similar look throughout the rooms in your home or you can choose to employ different styles of window treatments in each room.

What are Balloon Shades?

Balloon shades are a style of Roman shade that build on the softness of the look desired with their soft pleats and round curves.  A Roman shade by definition is most often a fabric shade that is designed to be raised and lowered by a cord.  Nearly any fabric of your choice holds the potential for presenting a desirable balloon look.

Custom Balloon Shades

Due to the flexibility of fabric options and the many possibilities for looping and gathering different sections of the fabric, custom balloon shades are easy to create and design to suit your particular needs and those of the windows in your home.  Will balloon shades bring that certain quality desired to your room?  Will they fulfill a practical purpose as well as serve aesthetic appeal?  A free consultation can help you discover the many possibilities available for your home’s windows.

Timeless Style

Balloon shades offer a timeless appeal that can transition the feel of a room to either an elegant era of days gone by or to a modern, fun, and perhaps even slightly whimsical present day.  They offer something vastly different from “just” a curtain or draperies for a room.  They offer style and a chance to express yourself through your choice of material and design.  You can craft custom window coverings for each room in your home if you so wish.

When choosing Gallery of Shades for your window treatment solutions, we bring our design studio to you so you can see first-hand how different fabrics for your custom shades will match the surroundings in your home.  This hands-on approach can help you better visualize what your finished window treatment will look like.

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