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The right patio door can mean everything to your home. It will literally change the view of the space outside and alter the way you think about the rest of your home. It can highlight an entrance, and make an entire space more useable and comfortable. The problem? It may not be quite as private as you’d like. The right window treatments can help, but finding those perfect window treatments can be difficult. When you’re not quite happy with more traditional options like vertical blinds, where do you turn? Perhaps Skyline panel tracks are the right option to meet your needs.

What Are They?

Skyline panel tracks are designed specifically for patio doors or extra large windows. The panels slide across the opening, then stack together once they’re drawn. Available in a variety of fabrics and woods, they can enhance the look of almost any room, and as with almost any window treatment, you can choose the right lining to meet your needs in a space, whether you’re looking for light or privacy control or you just want something that looks great with your existing decor.

As they extend to cover your door space, they overlap each other, giving you the light and privacy control you want. They can work either with a manual or motorized system, and you can choose from a variety of options within the system.

The Benefits

Going with a Skyline panel track system offers you many benefits. While there are several more traditional approaches to window coverings for patio doors, these have a modern look and a level of simplicity others just can’t compete with. They create fewer obstacles and problems, and offer visual appeal that is unlike many other options.

If you’re interested in a Skyline panel track system, contact us today to learn more.

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