Choose Valances to Complement Your Window Treatments

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Think valances are the perfect touch for every window in your home? You’re not alone. Many people add valances to complement other window treatments or will often use them alone. Wondering why they’re so popular? There’s simply nothing to dislike about these great window treatments. Take a look at this versatile option:

  • Lots of Options: Window coverings tend to come in a wide range of options these days, and valances are no different. What you may not know, though, is that not all valances are created equally. Maybe a box valance is a perfect choice for your elegant living room. Maybe you want to go with something a little more casual like a pleated valance in the guest room. Perhaps you’ve always wanted a scarf valance in the bathroom. Choosing the right valance doesn’t just mean selecting the right colors and fabrics. It can also mean choosing a different style for every single room in your house.
  • A Softer Touch: Valances can help add a softer touch to some window treatments like wood blinds. This added effect can mean comfort and style you simply wouldn’t get with the window treatment alone, and that’s a level of versatility that some interior window treatments just can’t offer on their own.
  • Added Customization: You want to make every room in your house your own. The same is true for window treatments, too. Off-the-shelf options like blinds and shades can look great, but at the end of the day, they’re going to look like the blinds and shades in every home. Valances, though, can be uniquely you. They can reflect your space in a way that many other window treatments just can’t, so if you’re looking for a touch that puts you in your home, this really is one of the best options available.

Think valances might be the perfect window treatments in your home? Learn more about how we can create custom valances for windows in your house to make it look like your own!

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