Luminette Privacy Sheers Offer Great Style and Loads of Options

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A quick glance out the window to see the sun or the rain. A long look out the window as you wait for someone special to come home. The short peeks out the window here and there as you wait for the sun to come up so you can get your run in. They’re all the reasons you need to connect to the outside world with your windows, but most window treatments simply get in the way. Many are designed to give you complete privacy or none at all, and mastering control over that can mean the power to use your windows the way you want. What if there were sheer window treatments designed to give you the light and privacy control you wanted without getting in the way? There are – Luminette Privacy Sheers by Hunter Douglas.

What Are They?

Luminette sheers also can be motorized blinds for your windows. A vertical solution designed to cover big spaces, offering you light and privacy when you need it but those quick glances and long looks out the window when you want that connection to the outside. Using sheer fabric attached to something that resembles traditional vertical blind vanes, they have the power that many window coverings simply don’t. Want to control the light a bit? The vanes rotate 180 degrees, so you’ll always enjoy the light level you want most. Hoping to just look out the window at your beautiful view? A touch of a button on the remote will help you do that. It’s even smart home integrated, so you can always control them from your phone.

No More Bulky Hardware

Most window treatments mean hardware attached to the wall or the window, and it’s a noticeable feature of many rooms. Luminette window blinds, though, don’t have that problem. They’re built with concealed hardware you may never notice. Close them, and the patented SofTrak hardware system is completely hidden under the fabric. That feature also means added reliability, as you never have to worry about dust or dirt getting inside.

Added Style

For many, choosing motorized blinds means choosing function over style. That’s not the case with Luminette sheers, though. They’re available in a variety of fabric choices to accent the room. Not only can you choose the color that best meets your needs, but you can also choose a texture you love, too. Go with something a little more natural or something a bit more traditional.

At Gallery of Shades, we can help you find the perfect fabric choice to meet the needs of your home. Hunter Douglas even offers their Luminette fabrics available in cut yardage, so you can coordinate decorative accents throughout the room to match your new window coverings.

The Details

Hunter Douglas Luminette window sheers are available in a vertical orientation. Vanes are 3.5 inches wide, and the shades are available in widths from 8” to 192”. You can get them in heights ranging from 24” to 120”.  While you can see a number of colors and textures online, Gallery of Shades has the full selection available in our showroom. They’re even available in room darkening fabrics for added light control. The fabric behind this powerful window covering is 100% polyester, which means a durable, easy-to-care-for choice in your home. The vanes have been measured to block 99% of UV light when closed, so they’re just as protective of your furniture and floors as any other choice on the market today.

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