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The Latest Color Trends for Your Home!

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While the design industry changes on a regular basis, no matter what those changes might be, the reality is that every new shift comes with a brand new palette of trending colors for your home. People are constantly looking for new colors that can help redesign their spaces, and often those new colors are infused [...]

Custom Window Treatment Colors to Consider for Your Home


Window fashions are always changing. They keep up with modern aesthetic choices and trending colors, but that’s not all that influence them. Technology influences craft. At the same time, modern, everyday stresses influence what people reach out for in design. For instance, natural colors are popular because people don’t get as much time in nature [...]

Current Window Treatment Trends

Time to rethink your window treatments a bit? Why not get trendy this year? With lots of great options available, you’ll find an innovative choice that’s right for your home. Keep reading to learn more about the latest in window treatment trends. Roman Shades The use of Roman shades has never really gone out of [...]